Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ikabulu School...

Although our reason for being here is exploration, we're mindful that we are just guests in the local community and the company as well as staff like to contribute where we can. There are limits of course, but we take on activities which a) are supported by the local community and b) don't rely on perpetual ongoing support.

For example, we run a first aid clinic three days a week for the local community, have transported a number of critically ill patients to hospitals, paid medical bills for a number of people, train up a lot of the locals in skills such as driving, mechanical skills, computers, etc and help out the local schools where we can. The company supports this and pays for all of the above activities although most of us have chipped in funds along the way as well.

Last weekends project for example is in the pictures below.

If you'd like to help by volunteering out here or help with cash, please let us know. We're also looking to provide shoes for the local kids who attend school at least 30 times in the next two months and raise funding to build accommodation for a Community Nurse or Doctor at Lubalisi village not far from here. The local community have agreed to contribute a lot of labor and just need some cash to purchase the building materials.  Will keep you posted on this.

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